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A personal doula service to help support mothers during late stages of pregnancy, birth and post natal care.

About me

About myself


My name is Holly and I am a trained nurse and a mother to three young children. 

After having my children I realised that every woman needs to feel empowered and supported during her pregnancy and birth. 

I understand that sometimes women may need extra support during her later stages of pregnancy, birth and the early days of bringing a new baby home.

I can offer you a personal doula package to suit your needs.

Birthing doula


I offer a friendly and informal service. I will meet you and your partner for two ante-natal sessions before your due date to discuss your birth preferences and any assistance you feel you may need during your birth. I can either be your sole birthing partner or support you and your partner during the birth and delivery. 

I understand that women may feel worried or confused about birth and I would like to be able to help you make informed decisions to achieve the birth you would like. 

I also include one follow up visit once you are home. This again is very informal and will give you an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about your birth and the early days with your baby.

Post natal support


In addition to the one post natal visit, I offer a post natal service which would include help with establishing breastfeeding and helping around the home. This is a bespoke service that aims to support you as a new mother settling in with your baby. I can help with advice, feeding, post natal baby care, light chores and domestic help. As a doula I am here to support you as a new mother in the most effective way. 

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Wheathampstead, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom


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Holly was a really fabulous and supportive doula!  She is such a kind and positive person, we immediately felt comfortable with her.  We met multiple times before the birth to talk about our hopes for the birth.  I know many people hire a doula because they want an unmedicated birth, but that was never my goal.  Holly was fabulous because I felt like she would support me without judgement regardless of which path I wanted to take.  She was with us from early labor at home all the way through to the birth, and her calm presence and helpful suggestions made things so much better.  She was great at communicating my wishes to the midwives, and I was continually grateful for her help.


Holly is an amazing birthing partner and a person, not just a doula! She helped to make my dream of a natural homebirth without harsh drugs come true, my first birth was c-section, so she was up for a challenge of VBAC!! I’m ever so grateful to her! She was not even on call on that day, and she still came and helped me and stayed throughout the most difficult and exiting day of my life! She followed all of my instructions thoroughly and helped me to use homeopathy, essential oils and massage my back(oh heavens sent), rebozo - anything, she was on top of it! Absolute star! Really gifted doula ❤️⭐️💐🙏🏻😘

Alex and Luke

My husband and I decided to use the services of a doula because this was our first pregnancy and we wanted to ensure that we set ourselves up to make the best experience we could (we had read that having a doula had helped women have a better birth experience and reduced the use of pain suppressors, etc).

Upon looking at the available doula profiles, Holly's jumped out as she had previous experience in the NHS as a nurse and this instantly appealed to us as well as the fact that her objective was to ensure women were safe, supported and empowered during birth.

We immediately felt comfortable with her, we appreciated her calm manner (very calming voice)  and honesty. 

the pre-birth sessions were helpful and she managed to make them fun as well. We found them better than the NCT classes as she took the time to explain things in detail and delivered the concepts via different methodologies that were very effective and made them stick.

Between the session and the birth Holly was always at hand to answer any question and we found this invaluable.

I can honestly say that my experience would not have been as good without Holly.

In short, I truly felt safe, supported and empowered throughout the process! I would definitely recommend her.

Alex and Luke 2018

Carly and Michael and baby rex

We were so over the moon with the support and guidance that Holly provided us with when we welcomed our first child into the world last year. I had known that I wanted a doula for the birth but was worried about finding someone I would be able to trust and feel understood what we wanted from the birth. When we met Holly we felt totally at ease and instantly clicked with her. I didn’t get the home birth I had planned, but because of Holly’s gentle reassurance and support, I was able to have a very chilled, relaxed birth with just gas & air and minimal intervention - despite being in a consultant led environment (something I had dreaded throughout my pregnancy). I really don’t think my son would’ve had such a calm entry into the world without her and I am so grateful for that. Holly not only looked after me but also my partner, helping to reassure him and enable him be there for me when I needed him. 

I have recommended her to anyone I know who is pregnant and considering a doula. If we decide we ever want another baby we will be booking Holly! Carly, Michael & Rex. X

Pippa, Rob and baby Zara

We didn’t know much about Doulas until some friends told us about the service and highly recommended Holly, and we are so glad they did. Holly and Siobhan (her partner doula) helped us prepare for the birth in a way no book could. They walked us through all the options and guided my husband, Rob, and I to make decisions about how we wanted the birth to be, helping to make us feel in control. Thanks to them I felt relaxed and not at all anxious leading up to the birth - instead I felt ready and excited to meet my baby! 

We called Holly when my contractions began and she came to the house when we felt they were well established and she helped me keep in my hypnobirthing zone with massage and supported Rob and talked him through our decision to go to hospital when it was time.

When we arrived at the hospital I was 10cm dilated and able to get straight in the birth pool. Holly continued to be a huge support to Rob and I, offering encouragement and squeezing my hips through every surge which eased the pain.  Our little girl arrived just over an hour later in the water, with no pain relief or medical interventions which was really important to us.

We were able to have the exact birth we mapped out in our birth preferences. I know this is rare and it could be considered as ‘lucky’ but I believe it was down to Holly and the preparation we did with her during pregnancy. We are so thankful and don’t know what we would have done without her! 

  • Pippa, Rob and baby Zara 

Amie and baby Melrose

I wouldn’t have been able to manage through the labour and postnatal without the help of Holly. She was there to help me out physically and emotionally. Highly recommend to any parents to be even you have friends or family to help out but there is nothing like profession help. Love you both.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️