Doula services in hertfordshire

A personal doula service to help support mothers during late stages of pregnancy, birth and post natal care.

About me

About myself

My name is Holly and I am a trained nurse and a mother to three young children. 

After having my children I realised that every woman needs to feel empowered and supported during her pregnancy and birth. 

I understand that sometimes women may need extra support during her later stages of pregnancy, birth and the early days of bringing a new baby home.

I can offer you a personal doula package to suit your needs.

Birthing doula

I offer a friendly and informal service. I will meet you and your partner for two ante-natal sessions before your due date to discuss your birth preferences and any assistance you feel you may need during your birth. I can either be your sole birthing partner or support you and your partner during the birth and delivery. 

I understand that women may feel worried or confused about birth and I would like to be able to help you make informed decisions to achieve the birth you would like. 

I also include one follow up visit once you are home. This again is very informal and will give you an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about your birth and the early days with your baby.

Post natal support

In addition to the one post natal visit, I offer a post natal service which would include help with establishing breastfeeding and helping around the home. This is a bespoke service that aims to support you as a new mother settling in with your baby. I can help with advice, feeding, post natal baby care, light chores and domestic help. As a doula I am here to support you as a new mother in the most effective way. 

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Client testimonials

My husband and I decided to use the services of a doula because this was our first pregnancy and we wanted to ensure that we set ourselves up to make the best experience we could (we had read that having a doula had helped women have a better birth experience and reduced the use of pain suppressors, etc).

Upon looking at the available doula profiles, Holly's jumped out as she had previous experience in the NHS as a nurse and this instantly appealed to us as well as the fact that her objective was to ensure women were safe, supported and empowered during birth.

We immediately felt comfortable with her, we appreciated her calm manner (very calming voice)  and honesty. 

the pre-birth sessions were helpful and she managed to make them fun as well. We found them better than the NCT classes as she took the time to explain things in detail and delivered the concepts via different methodologies that were very effective and made them stick.

Between the session and the birth Holly was always at hand to answer any question and we found this invaluable.

I can honestly say that my experience would not have been as good without Holly.

In short, I truly felt safe, supported and empowered throughout the process! I would definitely recommend her.

Alex and Luke 2018